At Tripoint Law, we can help with debt relief, whether you are facing overwhelming debt from credit cards, medical or dental expenses, or other financial expenditures. Tripoint Law is committed to helping individuals find effective legal solutions for their financial debt problems. We pride ourselves on helping you regain financial stability and getting a fresh start.

Solutions to your debt problems can take different forms such as negotiating a settlement with harassing creditors, handling or filing a lawsuit against an abusive debt collector, or if necessary, filing for bankruptcy.

Many factors must be considered before deciding whether to file bankruptcy. We help you understand those factors based on your specific financial situation — this includes determining whether bankruptcy is the right choice for you at this time, or whether another solution, such as debt settlement, would be wiser.

At its core, bankruptcy helps you get protection from creditors, legally preventing most creditors from attempting to collect debts, eliminating repayment obligations, or restructuring your obligations, allowing you a fresh start.

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